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Why is an Eye-Catching Logo so Important?

One would think that this is fairly obvious wouldn’t one – being all professional here!

But seriously, in the long run, it could be the difference between failure or success of your business. If something jumps out at people they will be much more inclined to react positively.

A winning logo requires time and effort above all else. Be prepared to sit with your designer (Back2Back Solutions of course) and discuss their ideas. Creative processes cannot be rushed so coming up with a phenomenal logo may take more time than you would expect. With everyone working together to create a winning logo however, the process will be full of fun and laughter.

A winning logo must be eye-catching. It must stand out from the crowd and have a striking appeal on its audience. From using bold fonts and bright colours to designing a unique and creative work of art, a logo needs to immediately capture the attention of those passing by, whether it be online or on a shop front or your business card. From appearing on billboard posters to TV ads, logos should instantly aim to capture everyone’s attention.

In addition to being eye-catching, logos need to also be memorable. Whilst drawing in an audience is crucial, keeping their attention is equally as important. And you know how fickle the human race can be. Logos should stick in people’s minds as prominent as song lyrics, like those really annoying ones that you hear in the morning and sing it the whole day – Baby shark dodododo. It is vital that they remember exactly what the brand logo is like. With the logo image concreted in potential client’s minds, they will be intrigued to find out further information concerning the brand and all it stands for and aims to achieve.

When creating your logo with Back2Back Solutions, you should think about the symbolic connection it has to the brand itself. Making an artistic and creative logo is great, but if it has no connection to the brand itself, the logo is useless. When people look at a logo, they must have a vague idea of what the brand is about. For instance, if you have a picture of a cat in a tree people won’t necessarily associate it with cat toys, although they are called cat trees.

Your logo should not just be eye-catching but also be inspirational. Logos which show a truly amazing design and brilliant creativity, will inspire potential clients, customers and even the competition.

So having said all of the above, here are some things to remember when discussing your design.

First impressions are everything, it helps potential clients to understand you better.

Know who your brand is trying to capture. If you are selling cupcakes, you need to make sure the logo is appealing to people who love cupcakes. But then who doesn’t love cupcakes.

Don’t get too complicated, not all humans are known for their quick thinking. Don’t be obscure.

Get feedback – once your designer has presented their ideas, go ask your Mum and Dad, Aunties, Uncles, kids, your parrot, what they think of the design. Kids are always good to ask because they are usually very honest with their opinion. Don’t know so much about the parrot though!

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