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What is SEO and Why is it important

Why is SEO so important for your website

We at Back2Back Solutions often get asked this from our clients so let’s start at the beginning, which is a very good place to start!

What does SEO mean?

Well that’s the easiest one – Search Engine Optimisation. A way to get your website noticed on the really popular Search Engine’s like Google/Yahoo and then the other smaller ones like Zapmeto/Izito etc..

Why is it so important to your website?

Who doesn’t want their website to be noticed by millions of people searching for the most incredible, diverse and interesting stuff. The ultimate goal being your website pops up first when someone searches the relevant topic. The first impression a visitor has after finding you page on the search engine is extremely important. I mean if you don’t have an eye-catching, amazing webpage (designed by Back2Back Solutions it will of course be the best one out there), then you are defeating the objective.


  • When you type a topic into a search engine it looks for the most obvious or keywords first. For example, if you type in “swimming pools” the search engine will search for pools you can buy or have built, but if you type in “public swimming pools “ you will get a complete different set of results, so the trick here is to ensure your company has keywords throughout your site to enable the search engine to find it.

  • Be specific. Swimming pools in Boksburg will bring you closer to the top. The search engines like keywords, but keep the “ands, if’s the’s etc. to a minimum”. Don’t want to confuse them.

  • SEO’s can target specific locations. Think about it, there is absolutely no point in getting a dude from Dubai to quote you for your swimming pool in Tweebuffelsmeteenskootdoodgeskietfontein (this is an actual place, Google it).

  • Visibility – this is a no-brainer the easier you are to find the better the sales, right!

  • Keep your web page updated, search engines love the latest gossip! and will rate web pages with new content higher than old ones. Have links to your page, as the search engine will assume your website is important and rank it higher.

  • Who doesn’t like competitiveness? SEO’s assist in outranking your competitor. Bragging rights and all that!


  • The bottom line of having a high-ranking SEO is to increase enquiries for your business. Converting visitors into business into clients, into friends.

  • It is a cost effective advertising medium …..money money money, must be funny… (bet you sang that) always an important factor.

  • The higher the ranking the more credible your business will be in the eyes of the searcher.

  • SEO’s can measure your sites performance which enables you to keep track of the effectiveness of your website.

  • Have a mobile SEO strategy for your webpage as this is the primary device used for searches. There is nothing worse than searching for something on your phone and it pops up so small you can’t even read it!

  • Be Found. If your website is not on the first page of a search engine, you are with the wrong SEO service. Back2Back Solutions will work tirelessly to ensure you rate right up there with the big ones.

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