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Is Facebook Still Relevant to your Businesses Marketing?

Now here’s quite a question and a common one at that!

Aside from having an incredibly large reach, Facebook advertising is effective because when consumers are on social media, they are in their “happy place” and naturally more receptive to brands. Facebook-a-holics (yep it’s real folks) are sitting catching up on the world’s happenings, be it funny or serious and your brand pops up. They may not be actively shopping for something, but they are in a state of engagement with a desire to consume information. So, of course, although they might not be aware at the time, a little bit of information has been lodged in their brain for future reference. More importantly, Facebook entertains and informs 2 billion users a month and 1 billion users a day. WoW

A few other facts (boring but informative), there is very little difference in the amount of users across various age groups. Which means that pretty much everyone is using Facebook, and using it often. Women outnumber men, but not by much. Eighty-three percent of women use Facebook compared to 75% of men. Facebook pages, often used by businesses, are quite active each month. A third of Facebook users use them to engage with brands. An average of 5 billion comments are left on pages each month.

Most marketers, as much as 93%, advertise on the social network regularly. Image ads are the most popular with a link to your website.

Facebook focuses on sharing information through links and videos, but photos are also a big part of the platform. And you can never ‘over-expose” photos on Facebook, unlike me when I take photos and don’t take the position of the sun into consideration.

Almost every industry can benefit from using Facebook since users of all demographics are on Facebook. But, you’ll need to find out what type of content your audience best engages with.

When you’re creating a marketing strategy with Back2Back Solutions (on social media or elsewhere), come up with a consumer profile that includes what they do in their free time to know where you should advertise your services and products. This can help you decide where you should invest your time and money.

Ever sat down and read ad copy written in the 1940s-1960s? (extremely funny by the way.) If you have, you will have noticed that selling a product used to be all about touting its benefits as simply and directly as possible. But today, customers want more – they want to buy into a community, a lifestyle. Never been easier than with Facebook.

Facebook is ultra-SEO friendly, with internal developers (ha look at that, come back around to my ol’ favourite SEO) who place a huge focus on search optimization, and with pages on the platform being recognized by major search engines as a popular destination for information-seekers. It can easily drive traffic to your actual website as well, and bounce rates tend to be low for visitors coming from social platforms when compared to those arriving via direct search results.

It’s true that marketers will need to reconsider their social media strategy as Facebook’s population dynamics keep shifting. Those trying to reach teens and college-age young adults would do well to devote some attention to Instagram and the like, that similarly focus on instant-gratification when compared to Facebook’s longer-term investment of profile-building. But let’s “face” it, Facebook’s ability to target ads to specific audience personas remains stronger than ever, and businesses still stand to benefit greatly from an active presence here.

So now that you have read all the blah blah blah, think seriously when it comes to using Facebook as a Marketing tool, it should prove to be pretty darn lucrative if used correctly.

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