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Facebook Has Changed The Privacy Model For Groups, You Only Have 2 Options Now.

Our Options Are Public Or Private.

Facebook says this change is being made for the sake of clarity as well as safety:


" Clarity - We’re making this change because we’ve heard from people that they want more clarity about the privacy settings for their groups. Having two privacy settings — public and private — will help make it clearer about who can find the group and see the members and posts that are part of it. We’ve also heard that most people prefer to use the terms “public” and “private” to describe the privacy settings of groups they belong to.

Safety - We’re committed to ensuring that people have a safe experience on Facebook. Over the last few years, we’ve invested heavily in people and technology, hiring more than 30,000 people across our safety and security teams. Within this, a specialized team has been working on the Safe Communities Initiative, with the goal of protecting people using Facebook Groups from harm. Much of the work they do is around proactively identifying and removing posts and groups that break our rules, across both private and public groups." - Jordan Davis, product manager for Facebook Groups, said in a blog post Wednesday.


When a group is set to “public” anyone can view the members of the group and see all published content. When a group is set to “private” only group members can see who is in the group and what they’re posting.

In addition to these privacy settings, group admins will have control over how their group is found. Admins can specify whether or not the group can be found in search and other places on Facebook.

Admins of existing groups need to be aware of these changes:

  • A group that was formerly “secret” will now be “private” and “hidden.”

  • A group that was formerly “closed” will now be “private” and “visible.”

  • Groups that are “public” will remain “public” and “visible.”

The new controls can be found in the group’s settings. Facebook’s previous restrictions on changing group settings still apply.

Groups are limited to one privacy setting change every 28 days, but admins can change the setting back within 24 hours if they want to.

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