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Are Business Cards Still Relevant?

Did you know, the Chinese invented business cards (calling cards then) in the 15th century to let me know they intended to visit, and this tradition was eventually used worldwide to also let people know when they arrived at their destination, their card was presented to the visitor on a silver platter.

In the olden days, when your parents were young (just kidding) the business card played a major roll in business. The Japanese still see it as a very important process, once should always read the card given to you and not just stuff it in your pocket, in the off chance you will remember to take it out before you put your pants in the wash. Perhaps make a comment like “oh I see you are the chief bottle washer” or “what is your companies best seller”. However in Eastern society, this is certainly not the case.

When you are in a situation where info needs to be exchanged then more often than not you would use some form of digital media to record, make notes, and save peoples contact details, but is this really ideal?

It would depend on the situation. Some people much prefer the old school method, tradition, etc.. But look at it this way, there is nothing more irritating than while you are talking to someone, they get their cellphone out and start typing stuff, even if it is your stuff they are typing. Whereas if you just took their business card you could easily, at a later stage back at the office, put the info onto your phone.

Of course, it’s also still the quickest way to share personal information. So time consuming to start filling in details, especially names like Siobahn for example, “how do you spell that, s…i…o…v… no not v… b, for betty…… and so forth.

Business cards also serve as a physical reminder of someone… remember that dude in the pink shirt from Cat Tree… oooo ja I have his business card let me check. Almost like a paperback novel versus an e-reader. Nothing beats that.

Brand awareness is everything these days. A business card is the first impression of your business that a potential client gets. The physical media, the look and even the feel of a business card speaks volumes. Think or thin, embossed, printed, correct size. For those who still keep business cards in one of those a-z thingys, if the card doesn’t fit in the slot, they will throw it away!

You will always look like a pro when you slip one of those bad boys out of that fancy silver card holder at one-on-one meetings, tradeshows, industry conferences, happy hour, airport lounges. Nothing like a bit of pizazz, right!

Of course, Back2Back Solutions can fulfil all your requirements in this regard, the sky is the limit.

There is one thing that you should keep in mind. The internet can go down, your PC could get stolen, your phone could fall in the swimming pool. If you have business cards, they will always be around.

In conclusion, there is real value in business cards and they are a supplement to digital media not a replacement. Business cards give you legitimacy.

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